Halloween is TOMORROW! In the spirit of dressing up and acting a ghoul I’ve rounded up my 10 favorite food costumes of Hallos past and present. Whether you have two legs or four, you can file away these costume idea for 2016.


1.) This baby sushi swag kinda makes me wanna have children. @kristaranillo

2.) Why have your baby be candy when they can be an Oompa Loompa, the ultimate maker of candy. @thewishingelephant

I was dyeing baby Oompa Loompa hats all morning, it was pretty cute! 💚

A post shared by Costumes, Dress up & More (@thewishingelephant) on

3.) Baby chefs are always a winner. Especially this one. @stylefare

☝️: "Don't stop skimming the stock!" 🔪: "Oui, chef!" #happyhalloween 🎃

A post shared by Hana (@hanaasbrink) on

4.) Why not pair you baby chef with it’s best friend, the dog chef? @maya_on_the_move

What will you have? 🍝 (Reposting for #AnimalsGotTalent @nbcagt)

A post shared by Tania Ahsan (@maya_on_the_move) on

5.) I’m predicting so many prairie dog basic bitches in 2016. @prairiedogpack

"Girls in fall🍂="-Bing #psl

A post shared by Dustin & Swarley -Prairie Dogs (@prairiedogpack) on

6.) Matching hotdogs. So hot right now. (Everyone has a pet prairie dog right?) @prairiedogpack

"Look at our buns"-Bing w/ Biscuit

A post shared by Dustin & Swarley -Prairie Dogs (@prairiedogpack) on

7.) Sriracha is one of the ultimate food costumes of 2015. @uniformlydressed

8.) Food costumes make ideal couple costumes. Bacon and eggs, PB and J, chicken and waffles… @ursulascostumes

9.) Scantily clad candy corn (found on Etsy)? Yes! (Despite the fact that I truly believe this candy is spawned from Satan’s earwax.) @cuteaddicts

10.) Food blogger in a pizza costume. Obviously! It’s still National Pizza Month after all. (Thank you Yandy!)

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