STRIKE A POSE feat. FEELING FINE YOGA: 10 Tricks to Keep You on Your Resolution Path



It’s mid-January and you fall into 1 of 3 groups: 1.) You’re killing it in the New Year’s goals and resolutions department. The program is written out, new swag has been purchased to get you started and operations are underway. 2.) You do not make New Year’s goals. Life continues on without the desire to achieve anything new. Or, 3.) You’ve made a really great attempt so far, but motivation is waning and the habits aren’t sticking.

If you find yourself in group 3, keep your chin up! To help you out, I’ve compiled 10 tips to keep you mentally tough and on the wagon. Some apply to diet and fitness, but many are applicable to any objective.

As we’re visual beings (see #7) these tips are accompanied by relevant, inspiring images. Yoga teacher and guru, Alexandra Patton, provided the visual instructions. The gorgeous city of Washington DC-Union Station, the Renwick Gallery and the Lincoln Memorial to be exact-provided the gym/studio space. I provided the snacks.


10 Tips to Keep You On Your Resolution Path


1.) SWEAT SEXY. A new athleisure ensemble can put you in a fine mood for some fitness.

Lis Christy Photography



2.) EASE INTO IT. Make small changes that are practical. Want to start waking up at 5:30 am when you’re a 7:00 riser? Start at 6:50 am and gradually progress. You’ll be amazed at how satisfying it feels to accomplish even the tiniest of tasks, and it will motivate you to continue on.

Lis Christy Photography



3.) TRIP + TREAT THYSELF. Vacations, Dom Perignon and shoes make excellent rewards.

Lis Christy Photography



4.) USE YOUR SENSES. Put on the tunes. Plop yourself in a gorgeous setting. The act of savoring your surroundings extracts the maximum enjoyment out of your daily experiences.

Lis Christy Photography



5.) GET FAT. The good kind. You need it to ferry those vitamins around your body, creating a healthier you who can properly tackle all your 2016 goals. (Guac is a fab option.)

Lis Christy Photography



6.) BE INSPIRING. Everyone needs a source of inspiration. Why shouldn’t that be you?

Lis Christy Photography



7.) WRITE IT DOWN. GIVE IT FACETIME. We’re visual people, people. If your goals are in sight they will be in mind and are more likely in action.


 Lis Christy Photography



8.) COMPARISON CAN BE CONSTRUCTIVE. Those around you should make you want to be the best version of yourself. It can be motivating to want someone else’s habits and capabilities. (Just be realistic.)

Lis Christy Photography



9.) STEP AWAY FROM RESTRICTION. The more you allow yourself foods you enjoy and crave, the less of them you’ll probably end up eating. Armor yourself with recipes that are healthful but will still satisfy cravings. (Click here for my coconut whipped cream recipe.)

Lis Christy Photography


10.) SWEAT SOCAL. Is it even work if you’re having fun?


Lis Christy Photography





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